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What Do You Get When You Combine A Porsche 911 With a Citroen?

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Recently, Brandpowder, an independent Design firm that develops unconventional projects, introduced a sensational project. A combination of two iconic cars, the Citroen DS and the Porsche 911. Why anyone would want to do this, is a mystery. But the art firm claimed they would join both cars in painstaking work. Shortly after, the company revealed extremly well-done Photoshop images of the result and then went on to produce a prototype. And while it’s cool to see how much work went into a project like this, we still don’t get it. Of course we believe the Porsche 911 is absolutely perfect just the way Butzi designed it!

911 Citroen 1

Nonetheless, there was a huge interest in this idea. And, it was an inspiration for another designer named Atelier Valdeig to present another approach to that. While Brandpowders version featured the front of a 911 and the rear of a Citroen DS, Atelier Valdeig did it the other way around. So a Porsche 911 got the front of a 1967 DS. The outcome is an elegant Coupe, with nice lines – but still not as good as the original 911!


Now it is up the the people to choose which one is better! The Brandpowder design or the Atelier Valdeig. Here is a link to the website, go and check out the project for yourself!

Photos: Brandpowder, Atelier Valdeig