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VIDEO: The Brumos Driving Experience

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As a bonus for every Brumos Porsche owner, you get an invitation to a day of high performance driver training by Chief Instructor and Brumos Executive Vice-President, Hurley Haywood. The Brumos Driving Experience (formerly Brumos U) is complimentary with the purchase of a new or pre-owned Porsche from Brumos. Take a Saturday and head to the Gainesville Raceway to gain a greater appreciation of your Porsche. The Brumos Driving Experience is not a racing school but rather a driver training and familiarization program which teaches new owners about their new car and how to drive it.


In this video, follow along as new Porsche owners learn more about their new Porsche and get driving instruction from the World’s most renown endurance racing driver, Hurley Haywwod. The Brumos Driving Experience film by Frazer Spowart of Autocraft Media opens access to this unique Brumos Porsche owner benefit for all to see. Enjoy!

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