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VIDEO: RWB USA Porsche 993 No .1

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We recently brought you making of RWB USA#5 – a video we put together from our time with RAUH-Welt Begriff owner Akira Nakai as he built RWB USA #5 –  a Slate Gray 1996 Porsche 993 into a RWB widebody for the May/June 2012 issue of 9 Magazine.

RWB USA Porsche 993 ЧAЙXOHA No .1

Since then, we have been captivated by RWB (as many of you are too!)  We recently found this video on youtube from Canibeat who had some time with the new RWB USA demo car while at Wuste in Las Vegas. The car named ЧAЙXOHA No .1 (we have no idea what that means) is RWB USA car #1 and to be used as a show car for the Japanese tuner in America.

Each and every RWB is unique, and this one, in an off shade of Mexico blue, sports a low profile whale tail – a change for the widebody builder. It’s a great video, so we hope you enjoy it!



Source: Youtube