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VIDEO: Rauh Welt Begriff Manila Part 2

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Part 2 of RWB Manila! Finishing the 993 and 964, Victoria and Akira!

Rauh Welt Begriff  (RWB) has recently expanded to Manila in the Philippines and our friends over at Car Porn Racing have put together this great video documenting RWB’s latest build “Victoria” a purple 993 series 911. We recently brought you part 1, and this is part 2 of the video which also includes the 964 build named “Akira” after the man.

What once began as a one-man show has now evolved into a full on production team. And although Nakai San is still very involved in each RWB build, it seems as if his helpers are doing more and more. You can see in this second video, one of Nakai’s helpers actually cutting the metal fenders for the fender flares. It will be interesting to see how many more cars can be built now.