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VIDEO: Porsche GT3RS v Tuned 911 in 1 Mile Drag Race

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We love drag race videos. So in case you were wondering how a tuned 911 would perform against a 911 GT3 RS, we have this video which was recently posted to youtube. In this video, a tuned 911 is put against a 911 GT3 RS MK1 in a standing mile on an airport runway.

A mile race is long without question. Looks like the GT3 RS beats the 911 by 7-10 car lengths. We don’t know what was actually done to the 911 (the video does not say) but after viewing the video, we could assume that the 911 is putting down about 395hp (the 997 GT3 RS is stock with 425HP) and loses to the RS.

Either way, its a cool video that we think you will enjoy.


Source: Youtube