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Urban Outlaw Launching New Line of 911 Parts and Accessories

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Magnus Mania has hit full stride in the Early 911 community.  Magnus Walker has spent the last few years teasing us with his own custom parts, extraordinary attention to detail, exciting restorations and builds and veritable treasure trove of rare and exotic components.  This teasing has finally come to a head, and Mr. Walker is branching his “Urban Outlaw” brand out to include hard parts, and aesthetic modifications.  The culmination of his artistic Porsche work has led to this new business.


Having been wildly successful in purveying a line of key fobs, shirts, and hats, the current line of apparel and accessories is set to expand later this week with more designs and greater availability.  As exciting as that may be, the real news is the availability of “Signature” items that Magnus has created for various car builds over the last few years.  Items such as his famous Hot-Rod inspired louvered decklids, light-weight drilled chrome door handles, and race-ready through-the-hood center fill fuel tanks are currently in the works.  Additionally, Urban Outlaw will be providing a line of signature horn buttons, shift knobs, and pedal boards later in the year.


Some of our overseas readers will be excited to hear that the launch will include two European distributors.  For more information, keep an eye on and  Magnus has intimated that there is more exciting news in the near future, and we will be sure to keep you in the loop when the news breaks.