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Topless: New 991 Series 911 Targa Caught On Video

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A 2014 Porsche 911 Targa prototype was recently filmed in a district of Stuttgart in Germany with the famous Targa top removed. Porsche continues the 991 series line-up with a Targa version due sometime in 2014 with a retro Targa bar similar to 80′s style 911′s.

In this video, the new Targa is shown with the classic center section removed and what appears to be a rag-top covered rear window. Whether this part is removable like early soft window 911′s & 12′s is still uncertain. But from what can be seen, it appears as if the balance of the top is permanently fastened.

The spy footage also shows some additional design features on the bar itself, and looks as if its a plastic material half-way up then continued in cloth. We will have to wait and see how the new Targa develops, however our guess is that its near production ready for announcement sometime soon and release in the early part of 2014.



Source: Youtube