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TechArt Inroduces the GrandGT Based on the Porsche Panamera

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Based on the Porsche Panamera, the TechArt GrandGT combines all of the features, for which TechArt is known, into one program – exceptional sportiness in combination with unique comfort. The masculine and extravagant level of the Panamera individualization will celebrate its world premiere at the Auto Zurich Car Show from November 11 to 14, 2010.

The exterior package consists of a fiber-reinforced composite based on carbon, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic and polyurethane RIM components. These materials are primarily used in motor sports and are distinguished by their extraordinary product characteristics. The exterior components of the TechArt GrandGT program are remarkable, among other things, thanks to an impressive dimensional stability, great strength and low intrinsic weight. 

The TechArt-typical exterior design catches the eye of onlookers immediately. The powerful front bumper with integrated splitter and large ventilation intakes, for an improved supply of fresh air to the intercooler and an optimum cooling of the brake system, flawlessly underlines the dynamic contours.  The multifunctional daytime running lights that are integrated in the front bumper give the Panamera not only a distinctive appearance, but combines daytime running lights, position lights, parking lights and turn signals as LED system unit in a common housing and integrates seamlessly in the design of the Panamera’s front. An additional design highlight is the TechArt Aero engine hood that is constructed of high-quality carbon fibers, with integrated air outlets for an optimized regulation of the heat balance in the engine compartment and which impressively completes the GrandGT program for the Panamera’s front end.

Powerful side skirts and flared fenders increase the width of the Panamera by 21mm on each side of the front axle compared to the standard vehicle and 42mm on each side of the rear axle, resulting in a wider track and thus improved cornering abilities. Typical TechArt: attention to detail. Headlight trims or trim slats for the side air outlets made of high-quality polyurethane RIM set elegant highlights on the side of the vehicle in individual color combinations and emphasize the dynamic appearance of the GrandGT.

The design of the rear end incorporates the front’s design and emphasizes the unique character of the GrandGT. In combination with the TechArt roof spoiler, the much larger rear spoiler compared to the first Panamera Program, results in even less lift at the rear axle and greater driving stability and active safety – even at high speed. An additional GrandGT design feature: the distinctive rear apron with integrated air openings and matching diffuser. The oval dual tail pipes of TechArt’s sporty exhaust system, which are fully integrated in the vehicle’s rear end, optimally complete the exterior tuning package. As an alternative, a sporty exhaust system with valve control can be selected – for audible more sportiness. 

The Performance
Taking a look under the Aero-engine hood, the GrandGT is impressive. The TechArt Engine styling package consisting of carbon fiber cylinder-head covers with an embossed TechArt logotype as well as accentuating highlights in flash red is demonstrating the power of the car already in standstill. The TechArt powerkit TA 070/T1 boosts the power output of the 4.8 l twin-turbo engine.

Pushing the standard sport button the Panamera has a significant increase of performance and driving dynamics. The TechArt engine management TECHTRONIC comes up with a number of impressive product features. The intelligent electronic power management convinces with quick and easy installation as well as maintaining the electronic engine protection features and the vehicle diagnostics and servicing. Like every factory-new TechArt product, the high quality standard of the TechArt powerkit is backed by a two-year limited warranty. Furthermore TechArt grants an additional warranty on damages at engine or gearbox if caused by the TechArt powerkit.


The Interior
The use of high-quality materials form the focal point of interior individualization of the TechArt GrandGT.  Ranging from setting fine accents such as decorative stitching in custom color or parts in fine wood trim through to unique interior packages refined in all details, care and precision in the workmanship provided by the TechArt in-house manufactory are unique. A highlight for the Panamera: the TechArt center console unit for adding a 12V outlet and integrated cupholder to the storage compartment located in the rear passenger compartment. Exclusively available for the Panamera: TechArt rear fold-away tables. Thanks to rugged mechanisms and high-quality materials, the fold-away tables can be used, on the one hand, as a mobile work space for when on the road and as a personal area for relaxing when on long trips.
Premiere in Zurich and Essen
The TechArt GrandGT Program as well as the new TechArt MAGNUM will be presented in November at the Auto Zurich Car Show.

Source: TechArt