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Rebel Rock Racing To Compete AMLS GTC Class In 2012

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Rebel Rock Racing has announced that it will compete in GTC Class of the American LeMans Series in 2012.

Rebel Rock Racing's Owner and Super-Producer Jim Jonsin & Bucky Lasek

The driver lineup for Rebel Rock Racing is a good mixture of industries and character. Team owner and music producer Jim Jonsin will head the operation along with drivers Bucky Lasek and Marius Avemarg.  “I am extremely excited to be part of such a great team and about the progress we made in this short amount of time. ALMS will be a great challenge for all of us but we welcome the chance to prove to everybody that we are in it for the long haul,” said Avemarg.  

“We took our time to figure out what series would best fit our program and our mission. The ALMS offers a complete package and is well represented. The already existing fan base is basically the same group that we are looking to reach with our Mission. We were looking for the best racing series in the US today and looking at market predictions, the ALMS is a natural fit. Rebel Rock Racing still has a long way to go until we start our first race in ALMS next year, but we are putting piece by piece into place and working hard to find partners in our effort,”

Jonsin is confident that he will be able to mix it up with the fastest guys out there. He has always been a racer, starting with bikes and now moving on to Cars. Bucky Lasek, who many know as a skateboard ten time Gold Medal Winner at the X-Games, joins Rebel Rock Racing full time. He sharpened his racing skills in the Viper challenge and in various other race-cars. “Bucky always shows a great will to win and we are very happy to have such a fierce competitor on our team. He takes every opportunity he can get to go fast and feels comfortable in any form of racing,” said Avemarg. 

Marius Avemarg

Marius Avemarg comes from a Go-Kart racing background since he was 6 and went thru traditional racing school in Germany, and basically grew up on the racetrack. “Since I can walk I always went to the track to see my father race. I am ready now to take racing to the next level and compete with RRR. I feel extremely comfortable and confident in our team and that we can be competitive right out of the box. To be competing in ALMS is definitly a dream come true for all of us.  Growing up around race cars my target was always to get to the ALMS or a equivalent series. I love driving Porsches and to do it in this environment is something very special. We are a small team at the moment put what we lack in size we make up for with passion and determination.”

Rebel Rock Racing’s weapon of choice next year will be a Porsche GT3 Cup car. The ALMS GTC category is specific to the GT3 Cup car and the latest installation of Porsche’s Cup car combines the decades of experience that Porsche has in GT racing with a lot of new and innovative solutions. 

Super-producer Jim Jonsin founded Rebel Rock Racing just under a year ago and the team has been growing rapidly. Their goal is it to combine the entertainment and the motor-sport industry to create a more exiting environment for already established motor-sport enthusiasts as well as for people and fans that are new to the sport. “We will continue to put up great track events to get more people out there and we also involve ourselves greatly in many different charity organizations like ‘Rally for Kids with Cancer’. We like to involve and give back to the community and let others that are not as fortunate as we are to be part of this.”

Source: Rebel Rock Racing