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Racing at Night Provides a Variety of Interesting Colors

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M13_0107Sports car endurance racing is a unique form of auto racing. It’s meant to test the durability of the equipment and the endurance of participants. First and foremost is the nature of running against time. Races that last anywhere from 6 to 24 hours are considered to be endurance races . One aspect of this form of motorsports that separates it from all others is NIGHT RACING!!!!!

Racing at night is awesome. Period. The roar of a high-performance engine while blasting around the track in the dark is incomparable to anything in the daylight. If you’ve never experienced a race after dark, I highly recommend it!  The yellow glare of the GT cars headlights speeding toward you along with the red glow from the heat of the brake rotors is euphoric. But now there is a new glow, the glow of hi-intensity LED lights.

Having just come from the Rolex 24hr race which begins late in the afternoon and carries over to the following day at the same time, I was happy to see a new trend in night time racing. This trend is to have matching LED lighting on the cars. For one, it’s totally cool looking. But for practical purposes, it makes identifying a car in the dark very easy (even after a few beers.) Along with other nighttime goodies such as light reflective decals and class indicator lights, LED lights help distinguish cars on the track plus they add a flash of color on the speedway.No59BrumosRacing_Night_BankingBrumos racing had the famous red & blue LEDs on the appropriate sides of the top of the racecar. And Magnus Racing had matching green LEDS along the roofline of their 911 GT3 Cup Car.

M13_0108I was curious to know more about this, but there wasn’t much more to it. The system consisted of two 3 foot sections of flexible LED light strip added to the car with some tape.  The decorative LED strip lighting operates at 12VDC making it compatible with an automotive battery system using a tiny voltage regulator.

DSC_0498_9magWith that being said, any car could realistically add this element, but it was awesome to see this on a racecar in the dark and in the fog of the early morning hours at Daytona.


Photos: Porsche / 9 Magazine