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Porsche Electric Vehicle Prototype Goes Up in Flames

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According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, on Tuesday night in the German city of Ludwigsburg, a Porsche prototype with an alternative drive went up in flames due to a technical defect, causing extensive damages.

Panamera S E-HybridIt is unclear which prototype Porsche model was involved in the incident, and the article continued to say that Porsche itself declined to comment about which model was the cause of the blaze, though it is estimated that the damages were below €1 million.

According to the report, the employee drove the car home after work. He later noticed the fire in the garage and called the fire department. The employee as well as his wife were slightly injured and were taken to the hospital for examination.

Porsche has recently announced a new plug-in version of the Panamera sedan and is already selling non plug-in hybrid versions of the Cayenne SUV and the Panamera sedan in the USA. The 918 Spyder supercar with a plug-in hybrid drive, is due out some time in 2014.

This report comes at a crucial time in the introduction of new plug-in hybrid products from Porsche. With the lack of acceptance already in the automobile industry, it will be interesting to see how this type of bad publicity affects things.


Source: Wall Street Journal – Corporate Intelligence (C.I)