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Patent Surfaces For New Targa Top Roof Mechanism

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9 Magazine has recently uncovered the US patent for the new Porsche 911 Targa Top roof mechanism. The new 991 Series Targa is expected to be announced within the next few months by Porsche. Sources say the announcement could be as early as January at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

While previous 911 Targa’s had simple, retractable glass or removable vinyl roofs, the new 991 Series Targa will feature a trick roof panel that folds backwards and retracts behind the driver. Thus creating the look of the vintage 80′s style 911 Targa.

According to Google’s Patent search the description of the new mechanism is described as, “A roof construction for a motor vehicle has a roll bar and a roof element which, in a closed position, is accommodated between the roll bar and a windshield and, in an open position, is accommodated behind the roll bar and can be shifted from the open position into the closed position and vice versa beyond the roll bar via an opening and closing mechanism. The roof constructing further has a covering which covers the roll bar on the outside in the open position of the roof element and in the closed position of the roof element. Vertical extending side parts of the covering can be shifted relative to the roll bar during the shifting of the roof element. A transverse part of the covering extends substantially in a horizontal direction and is fastened to the roll bar so as not to be able to be shifted relative thereto.”


9 Magazine recently captured spy photos of the new 991 Series Targa testing along with a video of the Targa testing around Stuttgart.



Images: Google