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New Model Year, New Porsche Crest?

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The 2014 Porsche models are beginning to arrive at dealerships. The new Cayman’s arrived as 2014 and that began the wave of ’14′ models. Currently, Porsche dealerships have 2014 911′s, Cayenne’s and Panamera’s in stock.

One thing that I noticed on the new models is the Porsche crest. Look closely and you will notice that the 2014 models have a new variation of the Porsche Crest. In years past, the crest was smooth with a glossy finish. It felt silky to the touch. Now the crest features a rough textured surface made up of little bumps. Also gone is the rubber gasket that once surrounded the crest. Now the crest sits directly on the hood. It’s a subtle difference that only a keen eye would notice. 

Some of the very early ’14′s did not  feature the new crest. Our guess is that Porsche needed to finish inventory of the “old” crest before switching over. It looks great since the metal of the new crest is also a bit shinier. Is this the continued modernization of the crest?

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Photo: 9Magazine