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Insanity; The Name is Boxcart

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Have you ever experienced an inebriated epiphany? I imagine that this is exactly what happened in the process leading up to the creation of this beautiful contraption. Honestly, it was likely a series of inebriated thoughts, as it’s unlikely that its creator sobered up long enough to think it through.

Fit, finish, and long-term usability were completely disregarded. Its creation purely hedonic, and unabashedly for the hell of it. It seems as though someone were looking at a running, but otherwise inoperable, 986 Boxster and “get me a sawzall” tumbled from his gaping maw faster than any of his similarly drunken cronies could enlighten him to the downsides.


I have not yet made up my mind as to whether this is the greatest thing ever created, or potentially the worst. It’s usefulness is not much above that of a standard go-kart, as it cannot, in its current state, be driven on any streets. Perhaps it could be trailered to a large open parking lot for a few hours of fun, but it still takes up a Boxster sized space in your garage, and with all of its exposed wiring, I wouldn’t leave it uncovered for periods of inclement weather.

Perhaps, with some fiberglass work, and a bit of ingenuity, this BoxKart could be made into a modern day Meyers Manx. With a bit of attention to suspension tuning, some aerodynamic bodywork, and a bit of elbow grease, it could be made into a fun, but altogether uncompetitive autocross machine.


As it sits, there is a lot more than $3500 worth of fun to be had, but I’m not sure it’s mine to have. To get your own BoxKart, see the seller’s Houston, TX area Craigslist ad. In case the car sells, and the ad is removed, here are the seller’s limited notes on the car.

“Runs good. Can be made street legal. Very fast. 60k miles. 2001 Porsche Boxster. One of a kind.”

One of a kind?  You can bet on that.



Source: Craigslist