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Ever Wonder What All Those Porsche Acronyms Mean?

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PTV, PCM, PASM, PTM, etc. etc. It’s alphabet soup. Yes most of them start with “P” for Porsche and that part is easy to figure out, but what about the rest?

Each and every Porsche model incorporates numerous technologies. The expertise and experience of the Porsche engineers go into every detail of Porsche design. Their performance-oriented approach allows them to consistently implement new design, technologies and functionalities. Along with all of that technology comes newly developed systems and functions that improve driving and safety. But what happens is that the technology name is so sophisticated that it requires it to be shortened to an acronym.


Some of the more popular technologies such as Porsche Stability Management  (PSM)  and Porsche Communications Management (PCM) are well known by enthusiasts. But what about the others?

Porsche has a solution for that. I recently stumbled onto the Porsche Technology glossary online and was very impressed on how well the technology is explained. In the Porsche Technology glossary, you can visualize each of the functions by vehicle or you can search using the search box provided. For some technology, there are even videos that help explain things further.


Now you can look-up a particular model and see the integrated technology and click on it for a description or you can search the database for something and see what it is. It’s easy to use and fun to learn or research these technologies.


Photo: Porsche