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Downtown LA: Vorsteiner Panamera V-PT Photoshoot

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Few other places are as suitable a backdrop as LA, and for the Porsche V-PT Panamera and the BMW M3 GTRS3 Widebody, LA serves as a unique setting to exhibit this vehicular dicotomy.

The V-PT and the GTRS3 serve as the culmination of two seemingly antithetical ideals: Executive Sophistication as represented by the V-PT Panamera, and of Outspoken Intensity as represented by the GTRS3.

The components that have transformed this Porsche Panamera into such icons is as follows:

Vorsteiner Panamera V-PT

V-PT Front Bumper Package
V-PT Side Skirts
V-PT Rear Bumper Package
V-PT Ducktail Spoiler
V-PT Titanium sport Exhaust
V-309 3-Piece Concave Forged Wheels
Michelin PS2 Performance Tires

Source: Vorsteiner