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Discover The Human Aspect Of Race Car Driving

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porsche human performance

Porsche Human Performance: Get Race Fit 2013

Although being a race car driver is very different from being a football, baseball, or basketball player, it still requires a huge amount of physical endurance and strength. Ultimately the most important component of any vehicle is the driver.

Porsche offers a program to help prepare drivers for the rigors of race car driving called the Human Performance Lab. Located at the Porsche Driving Experience Centre in the UK at Silverstone, the facility includes a sports science laboratory, equipped with state-of-the art technology from Technogym and Optical Express. A heat chamber is available for specialist acclimation training for athletes and drivers prior to competing in hot climates

In this video, discover how Porsche Human Performance help all types of motorsport drivers prepare for the season ahead. With a whole mix of drivers and riders from the motorsports world, including F1 driver Mark Webber and MotoGP rider Bradley Smith taking part in the activities, you might find out some interesting insights from the specially trained Human Performance team.


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