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Motoring Journalist Sued After Porsche 917 Engine Blows Up

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Forced to Pay Damages of £111,000

Mark Hales, 62, an automotive journalist blew up the engine of David Piper’s 917 while pitting the Porsche 917 against a classic Ferrari belonging to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. Disaster struck during the track test when he over-revved the Porsche and caused its engine to blow up.

The incident took place at Cadwell Park, near Louth, Lincolnshire, UK back in April 2009 when Hales was writing a freelance feature for the Octane and Auto Italia magazines.

According to the SWNS report, Hales claimed the car ‘popped out’ of gear as he was shifting from second to third. Hales claimed he entered a gentleman’s agreement with Mr. Piper so any mechanical damage was to be covered by the owner. But Piper denied any conversation existed and took Hales to the High Court last week seeking £48,000 ($75,960) in damages. He told the court that he loaned the Porsche on the understanding “you bend it, you mend it”.

Ultimately, Judge Simon Brown QC sided with Mr Piper and awarded full damages along with £63,000 ($99,697) in costs leaving Hales with a total bill of £111,000. ($175,657)


Source: SWNS.COM

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