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2010 GT3 R – World premiere in Birmingham, UK

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Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, keeps the focus on customer racing during the 2010 motorsport season. The new Porsche 911 GT3 R, delivered to customers ready-to-race, replaces the 911 GT3 Cup S in Porsche Motorsports’ model range. The 911 GT3 R will be raced in series based on international FIA GT3 regulations. In developing the vehicle, the emphasis was placed on improving driveability and making handling easier. The 911 GT3 R features a four-litre six-cylinder boxer engine delivering 480 hp (353 kW). A six-speed sequential gearbox transmits the power to the rear axle. The new 911 GT3 R celebrates its world debut on 14th January 2010 at the Racing Car Show Autosport International in Birmingham (Great Britain).

“Since we first announced our intention to launch the 911 GT3 R, demand has been huge,” says Uwe Brettel, Head of Motorsport Sales. “The number of GT3 R vehicles we had planned for 2010 is almost sold out.” From spring 2010, customer teams around the world will receive their new vehicles. The basic price is 279,000 Euro plus national VAT.


The development of the 1,200 kg lightweight 911 GT3 R is based on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup presented in September 2009 for one-make cup racing. Thanks to a 0.2-litre increase in engine capacity, the GT3 R delivers 30 hp more than its Cup pendant. Both race vehicles are based on the extra-wide body of the street-legal 911 GT3 RS.

An anti-lock brake system (ABS), traction control and an e-gas with “throttle-blip” function help pilots familiarise themselves quicker to the new GT3 race vehicle compared to its predecessor, also making it easier for ambitious amateur racers to get used to the car. The flared wheel arches front and rear show the wider track compared to the previous model. The underbody of the vehicle is completely covered and features a rear diffuser. Compared to the forerunner model, the adjustment range of the rear wing has been increased.

The highly developed race suspension can be extensively adjusted: At the front are height-adjustable McPherson struts with variable SACHS two-way shock absorbers and double coil springs (main and auxiliary). At the rear, the GT3 R features a rigidly mounted sub-frame with a height-adjustable multi-arm axle, as well as adjustable SACHS two-way shock absorbers and double coil springs.

Technical Specifications Porsche 911 GT3 R

Weight optimised, increased width of 911 using add-on parts (carbon/kevlar) GT3 RS body;
Welded roll-over cage; Optimised driver ventilation via front cover;
Carbon-fibre kevlar add on parts (Bumper panels with front spoiler, optimised aerodynamics;
Fender and inner wheel arch;
Doors with side-screen frame and plastic mirrors;
Rear wheel arch extensions;
Rear cover with adjustable rear wing; Rear panels);
Closed flat bottom with rear diffuser;
Improved rear wing adjustment range;
Car mounted air-jack system with pressure release valve;
Race bucket-seat (driver side only) with fire-resistant up holstered cover;
Six-point safety harness (red), adapted for use with HANS;
Removable steering wheel (with quick-release coupling);
Electric fire extinguisher system;
100 litre fuel cell (FT3 safety tank).

Aspirated engine;
Water-cooled six cylinder Boxer engine with four-valve technology;
Bore: 102,7 mm
Stroke: 80,4 mm
Cubic capacity: 3.996 cm³
Maximum power: 353 kW (480 hp)
Fuel: Super plus unleaded, 98 RON
Dry sump lubrication;
Multi-point fuel injection (sequential);
Bosch MS 4.0 electronic engine management;
E-Gas with ‘throttle-blip’ function;
Race exhaust system with pre and final silencer and twin end pipes aligned centrally.

Motec Display with integrated data-logging;
Motec SLM – multi-function display with integrated gear shift point display;
Bosch MS 4.0;
Battery: 12 V, 80Ah;
140 A alternator;
E-Gas with ‘throttle-blip’ function;
Traction control (TC).

Porsche 6-speed sequential dog gearbox with active oil cooling and internal pressurized oil lubrication system;

Gear ratios:
Drop gear 25/32 1.280
CW & P 09/26 2.889
1st gear 13/41 3.154
2nd gear 17/39 2.294
3rd gear 20/37 1.850
4th gear 23/35 1.522
5th gear 22/28 1.273
6th gear 31/34 1.097

Mechanical locking value 37% drive/52% overrun;

Single mass flywheel;
Race clutch (5½“ triple plate carbon clutch / hydraulic release bearing);
Oil-water heat exchanger;
Rear wheel drive.


Front axle:
McPherson spring strut type axle with adjustable spring/dampers, adjustable ride height;
SACHS dampers (2-way dampers, Through Rod);
Twin coil springs (main and helper spring);
Spring platform with 3 adjustment positions;
Lower front wishbone with integrated camber adjustment;
Both anti-roll bar blades adjustable;
Strengthened front cross member;
Toe-rod length adjustable;
Electro-hydraulic servo assisted steering;
Forged strut mount.

Rear axle:
Multi-link rear axle with rigidly mounted cross member and adjustable spring/dampers, adjustable ride-height;
SACHS dampers (2-way dampers, Through Rod);
Twin coil springs (main and helper spring);
Spring platform with 4 adjustment positions;
Forged, two-piece lower wishbone with integrated camber adjustment;
Infinitely adjustable strengthened rear toe-rod;
Both anti-roll bar blades adjustable.

Brake system:
Adjustable via a brake balance bar system; Independent dual circuit brake system;
Race ABS fitted as standard equipment.

Front axle:
Aluminium monobloc six-piston fixed calliper;
Ventilated steel brake discs, 380mm diameter;
Race brake pads; Optimized brake cooling ducts.

Rear axle:
Aluminum monobloc four-piston fixed calliper;
Ventilated steel brake discs, 355mm diameter;
Race brake pads;
Optimized brake cooling ducts.

Front axle: One-piece, forged light-alloy wheels (Rays) 11J x 18, 35 offset with centre-lock nut;
Michelin race tires, dimension: 27/65-18.

Rear axle:
One-piece, forged light-alloy wheels (Rays) 13J x 18, 12.5 offset with centre-lock nut;
Michelin race tires, dimension: 31/71-18.

Approx. 1.200 kg

Lenght 4.463 mm
Width 1.955 mm
Height 1.280 mm
Wheelbase 2.368 mm
Tail plane 1.779 mm

Fuel cell: 100 Liter